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Andreas Hausendorf

Colours surprise and fascinate me daily anew with their strong radiant and expressive beauty.
I wake up, look out the window and ask myself how the vibratons of light, the mood of the trees against the sky, the nuances of colour and shadow in the awakening morning will feel like today. Is it not so, that in that moment, when we open our eyes, forms and colours meet our eyes and touch our mind? Is it not so, that this daily experience moulds, broadens and deepens our conciousness?
Andreas Hausendorf I wake up a second time when I open the door to my studio and meet the canvases in process which await and question me in their pregnant silence, colour and form. A strong vital energy emanates from them and confronts me that moment. They encourage me to plunge into the work process and find answers, to search for what is lying inherently under the surface of life. The colour spaces undergo changes within hours, days, weeks and months until the composition emerges full bodied. Gesture, tone and surface begin to vibrate if I am able to remain in an ingenuous state of mind and stay immediately authentic.
Andreas Hausendorf I find most of my inspiration in Nature and in the intercourse with life. It is my desire to communicate this energy out of which life creates itself and to let this energy speak through my work.

Arlesheim, January 04